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Brand’s New Day

We love brands, don’t we?

We grew up with them in our pantry. We wear them to be hip, or show that we are serious about working out. We drive them to make a statement that we are rich, practical, care about the environment, etc.

We want Cheerios! Not Store Brand O’s.

Thanks to TV, radio, print, and outdoor we were always being exposed to brands; quoting their slogans, singing their jingles, rooting for their mascots- and they became part of pop culture.  We know so much about brands who they are, you can play games to show you know the brands we love.


But, do you LIKE them?

After years of brands talking TO you and wanting you to tell others how great they are, the internet offered brands the opportunity to hear from you. First, on their websites, but traffic and engagement were low. Then, brands learned learned to go where the fish were: Facebook.

Besides measuring success in sales, brands could see who “liked” them and use it as a tool to measure against. Most brands don’t have any other social media strategy besides Facebook, so when a user “likes” them, they count on the messages they post to get to them.

A new research study from Group M finds the share of Facebook users seeing organic posts from a brand they “like” is down 38%. Brands will need to start paying for their posts to be seen more.

The number reached may be lower, but the engagement among those being reached is higher, a good sign for developing the relationship among core users. Once that is established, the impressions are more valuable.

It is time for brands to concentrate on the true advocates for them. Not only the ones that “like” them, but the ones that love them.